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Discontinuing my legacy blog :(

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I just want to say super thanks to everyone who actually followed and commented on my blog. It honestly made me feel so welcomed in the blogging community and I actually felt motivated to write! However, I have been so busy with my upcoming move (I'm moving to a whole different continent haha) and new job and current job and EVERYTHING that I just haven't been able to play and subsequently write. I think this is unfair to my fans who actually read and wait for updates. So I have decided to stop writing. However I will continue reading blogs, because it is much easier for me to read and comment than it is to write hahaha

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Generation 2- Chapter 2


* slurppppp* *sloooossshh* *nommmm nommmm*

My precious baby boy, who I affectionately nicknamed Danny, was enjoying one of his many late night feedings. “Danny, sweetie, slow down. Your ba-ba isn’t going anywhere!” I giggled, admiring my son. He wasn’t even a year old yet, but he was already developing distinct features, and a cute little personality.

Suddenly my phone rang. I ran over to my nightstand, juggling Danny (who was still sucking away at his bottle) in one hand and answering my phone with the other. There was only one person who would be up at 3 in the morning…

“Shellie!” I gasped, plopping down on the bed. “Where have you been? I’ve been trying to reach you for months now!”

“Look, I’m sorry. I’ve been trying to…I’ve been busy with Carie.” Something about the way Shellie answered let me know that there was more to the story.

“How is Carie?” I asked, realizing that Carie must have been her newborn, my son’s half-sister.

“She’s doing…good. I can’t stay on the phone very long, but why don’t you come by tomorrow and bring your boy?”

“We’ll be there!” I hung up the phone not even noticing that she knew about Daniel, even though I hadn’t spoken to her since his birth.


The next morning, me and Danny headed over to Shellie’s house. The neighborhood she lived in was the complete opposite of mine. But I guess not everyone’s dad is a famous magician. I walked up the rickety stairs to her apartment. Her building looked very run down and, from what I heard, there was a bit of gang activity going on her area. If Mom knew that I was bringing Danny here, she would never forgive me. I lifted my hand to ring the doorbell, but before my finger reached the button, Shellie appeared at the door.

“Come in,” she said, refusing to step out of the darkness. I smiled and walked past her. “I hope you don’t mind,” she continued, following behind me, “But I’ve taken the liberty of buying Daniel a swing to sit in while you visit.

“How do you know his…” I began, but she lifted her hand to silence me.

“Madison, I’m a vampire. I don’t sleep. Most of the time I’m checking up on you at night, so I’ve overheard a few things. But if you wouldn’t mind putting Daniel in his swing and meeting me on the balcony.”


I complied not knowing what she could possibly have to say to me out there, that she couldn’t say to me in the house. As I walked over to the swing, I took a quick look around the apartment. Every window was covered with a metal like curtain.

“Titanium. To repel the sun’s rays” Shellie said, as if hearing my thoughts. I smiled, placed Danny in the swing and moved to follow her outside, but Danny started crying so I decided to bring him with me.


“You brought the boy” Shellie noted, not even turning to face us.

“I’m sorry, he wouldn’t stop crying. Sometimes holding him is the only way to calm him down.” Shellie’s eerie behavior was starting to scare me.

“Carie is the same way. Except I’m too busy to hold her all day,” she said emotionless.

“Busy with?” I questioned.

“Madison I’m going to be straight with you. I wasn’t just checking up on you at night. I had a bad feeling about someone trying to harm you, so I would often go to your house at night to make sure everything was ok. Don’t worry, I left Carie with a neighbor” she added, before I could ask.

“But wait,” I said, processing what she had just said, “Who would try to hurt me?


“I should have tore his throat out! I should have ripped him from limb to limb!” Shellie screamed, backing me into a corner. Fear overcame me and I instinctively put my hand out in self defense. “But I couldn’t. I just….couldn’t” she continued sadness somehow showing through her emotionless eyes.

“Shellie, please calm down. Who are you talking about? What are you talking about?” I pleaded with her.

“Victor!” she growled and it was at that moment, as if almost on cue, that Carie started to cry.


I decided to get Carie myself and walked inside, leaving Shellie with her thoughts. I put Danny in the swing and went over to Carie. I peered over the edge of the crib staring at the wailing bundle of blankets for a moment before sticking my hands in to gently lift her out. “Are you hungry little one?” I said sticking my knuckle in her mouth to see if she reacted with a sucking action (something my mom taught me to do with Danny). She responded by clamping down hard on my finger. “Ouch!” I wailed quickly taking my finger out of her mouth. “I’ll take that as a yes…”


I brought into the living room, where I motioned for Shellie to come inside. While I was waiting, I took the opportunity to bond with the little cutie. She was after all my son’s sister and no doubt would be a part of my life forever. I lightly tossed her up and down and tickled her tummy, her high pitched squeals bringing joy to my heart.

“You’re really good with her” Shellie said, walking in. “I was watching you outside. Carie seems to love you already.”

I smiled nuzzling Carie with my cheek, “well that feeling is definitely mutual. By the way, I’m pretty sure she’s hungry. Where do you keep the formula?”

Shellie froze before sputtering, “I don’t have any formula…I have to….t-to hunt.”

My eyes widened as what she had said just sunk in, “Carie’s a vampire as well?”

“Part vampire, a miracle child really. You see, while equally risky, it’s much easier for a male vampire to impregnate a female human than it is for a female vampire to be impregnated by a male human. What’s worse is, the chances of the child living for more than a month after birth are pretty low. That’s why you haven’t seen me in so long. I have been staying with the Cepi Corpus vamps since shortly after we first met. They took care of me until Carie was born and took care of her while I hunted for the first few months.”

“Wait you left Carie after you gave birth to her?!?” I asked shocked.

“I had to. The thirst a vamp feels after giving birth is the highest kind of thirst one can feel. Mother vamps have been known to feed on their babies almost to the point of death if no one intervenes because they just can’t help it. And Carie is part human so her blood would be favorable if I were ever thirsty. I did it for her.”


I looked down, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have judged you so fast. I guess I just can’t picture leaving Danny for more than a day, let alone months.”

Shellie smiled, “and that’s why you will be an amazing mom Madison. You already are! Daniel’s lucky to have you as a mom.”

“You’re an amazing mom to Carie as well Shellie. I mean, to go through months of separation. Only true love can allow something like that.

At that moment Shellie’s phone began to ring. She took a quick look at the screen and moved off to a corner to answer it. “Alo? Da, eu sunt cu ea. Ați găsit Victor? Ok, stai acolo. Eu vin chiar acum!”

Perhaps it was the puzzled look on my face, but as Shellie hung up the phone she said, “Sorry, that was the Cepi Corpus. They found Victor prowling again. We’re going to go…talk…talk to him tonight. I need to drop Carie at my neighbor’s house. But, can we come over in a couple nights?”

“Yea for sure! You could even sleep over. You know, if it gets too lonely over here.” I gave her a quick hug, got Danny and headed home.


By the time I got home, it was well past Danny’s bed time and he had no problem letting me know. I rushed upstairs to get him settled in his crib so fast that I didn’t even notice the seemingly strange girl in my room. It wasn’t until she called my name that I noticed her presence and that she was actually my sister Aubree! “Aub, oh my gosh I am so sorry I missed your birthday! I was with…”

“Yea I know,” she half-smiled, “You took Danny over for a play date with his sister. I get it. You know Mads, at first I was jealous when Danny came into the picture, but now I see that he is a blessing and I am so proud of you for overcoming all you’ve gone through.”


I took a closer look at my youngest sister. It seemed like just yesterday she was being a snobby brat to me. Now, she was mature, understanding, compassionate. It made me admire her. “Aub, you have truly grown into a beautiful young lady. I know your teenage years will be confusing and I just want you to know that no matter what I will always be here for you, ok?”

She simply responded with a hug as I fought my tears from escaping my eyelids. My sister was now a teenager and as much I wanted to be happy for her, I was truly worried for her. My teenage years were plagued with some awful times and I did not want the same reality for my baby sister.

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Ahhh my sims game is gone!

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Ok so I accidentally uninstalled Sims 3 Showtime and when I tried to reinstall it I got the dreaded CRC error :( so that's been going on for a couple days and now I'm trying to work around it. If i cant fix it, I might have to just continue the story without Showtime, but if that's the case, I think Charles might be deleted and some of the other Showtime features might be gone and I'm not sure how that will mess up the family :( sooo I'm gonna give it until tonight to be fixed iand if not I'll just play without Showtime. Just thought I would let you all know!

UPDATE: ok so I finally got Showtime reinstalled! So I'll play for a bit after church tonight and hopefully have a chapter tomorrow :) I'll delete this post when I upload another chapter :)

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Generation 2- Chapter 1


I’m a teen…with a baby….I’m a teen…mom? I’m a mom, I have a son. His name is Daniel…Daniel Mason. These are the thoughts that continued to swirl around my head as I left the hospital days after the delivery, my mom close behind me. Due to my father’s celebrity status and my unwanted fame from the press my case was getting, we had to leave the hospital in the middle of the night, surrounded by a pack of gorilla looking bodyguards…not really my scene, but if it keeps Daniel safe why not. Daniel…my…son…this new reality was definitely going to take some getting used to.


I arrived home to see that Dad had my room completely remodelled, with the most beautiful crib. It was clearly custom made, but I wasn’t going to ask Dad where he got it from. Putting Daniel in his bed for the first time was such an emotional moment. Looking at him, all I could see was Victor and that fact sickened me. But I couldn’t help but love Daniel.


Everyone took immediately to Daniel. Bent just couldn’t get enough of him. In fact, he was my biggest help for the first few weeks after bringing Daniel home.


As I was walking downstairs to put Daniel in his new swing, I passed Aubree. “Hey Aub, how’s it going?” I asked. “Not like you care,” she snapped before running into her room. Not too sure what that’s about, but I have noticed her being more snippy ever since Daniel came home. Well, she is almost a teenager, so that could explain her extreme moods.


I noticed Mom on the phone as I got downstairs. The look on her face clearly indicated that something was up. “Sweetie, come here!” she said waving me over, while holding the phone out for me to take.


I walked over to put Daniel in his swing. “I love you son,” I said stroking his cheek, before walking over to take the phone from Mom.


“H-Hello?” I stuttered, clearly not knowing what to expect. The time I accepted a phone call from my worried looking mother, it turned out that my aunt Lindy’s husband died leaving her and her son homeless. I was sure this one couldn’t be any better.

“Hi Madison, it’s Lorie!” my lawyer beamed through the phone, “Congrats on the baby. I hear he is just so precious.”

“Yea too bad he looks like his father,” I spat.

“Umm, well, anyways I just thought I would keep you updated. Shellie had her baby…” Shellie! I haven’t even called to see how she was doing! “….a girl, not too sure of her name, she hasn’t answered any of my calls” Lorie continued. “And his fiancée, Ariane Newton, also gave…”

“Wait, he’s engaged!” I interrupted. “Who would want to marry a rapist! And who would want to have children with a man who preys on kids!” I couldn’t stop my voice from raising.


Bentley walked over looking slightly worried. I covered the phone with my hand and whispered, “Call Shellie,” before continuing to listen to Lorie’s babble.

“Madison, I know this is alarming to hear, but Ariane was dating Victor before he became a predator. In fact she was pregnant around the same time he attacked you and Shellie…not sure if there’s any relation there, but…”

“So they’re still together?!?” I interrupted once again, agitation heightening my tone.

“Happily living together with their son, Desmond, and excited to plan their nuptials, according to the Westerberg Star article I read this morning. Ariane wouldn’t answer my calls either, so that’s all I know.”

I looked over at Bent, “Anything?” I mouthed. He shook his head. This was strange…I know Shellie is home because it’s the middle of the day, meaning she couldn’t possibly be out in the sun…not without a death wish. I shuddered, ridding myself of the thought. Maybe she was sleeping, newborns are a handful and she probably needs tons of sleep right? Get it together Mads, vampires dont sleep….


After continuously calling Shellie for almost an hour, I eventually decided to give up. “Hey Mads,” Bentley called out, walking back over to me. “I have a friend coming over…and…umm..well I would like you to speak to her, if p-possible.”

“Why me?” I ask, taken aback. Bentley has never asked me to speak to any of his girlfriends before, so what made this one so special?

“You’ll see. Anyways she’s coming over now, so when she gets here, I’ll introduce you guys.”

“Bent, is she just a friend? Or do you like her?” He smiled…that said it all.



As I was about to go change, I heard Daniel’s squeals behind me. I turned to look and saw my little man thoroughly enjoying himself in his new swing. I just had to snap a photo! I’m so glad he likes the swing…little does he know, he’ll be spending a lot of time there :)


After getting dressed, I decided to make Bentley and his friend some deep fried chocolate bars…ok I’ll admit, they were mainly for me, but I couldn’t look greedy by myself! As I was setting them on a plate, I heard the doorbell. That must be Bent’s friend! I thought, as I grabbed a bar and rushed over to the table, trying to look normal.


It wasn’t until I heard her footsteps behind me, that I decided to turn around and take a look. SHE’S PREGNANT! I couldn’t believe it! She looked like she was a freshman in high school and ready to pop at any second. “Hi!” I awkwardly said, “Feel free to grab a deep fried chocobar and have a seat.” She smiled and obliged.


“I’m Candy!” she said, sitting beside me. “I know a lot about you, between what Bentley and my mom told me…”

“Your mom?” I interrupt.

She smiled, “Cassie Barajas, she delivered your baby!”

They did look strangely alike, why didn’t I pick up on that? “How is your mom doing?” I said trying to keep up the conversation.

“She’s doing fine. Still preggo and as big as ever!” she laughed. I chuckled, awkward still.

A few minutes of silence passed before I decided to just come out with it, “So when are you due? And, no offense, but how old are you?”

Still smiling she answered, “No offense taken at all! I’m due in about a month, but my mom said the baby could come any day now. And, I’m 15, I know…that’s pretty young huh?”

I nodded slowly, “And the father?”

“He’s my boyfriend, Malcolm. He hates the fact that I’m pregnant, but what am I supposed to do? I just wish he wouldn’t treat me so bad!” she said, sadness overcoming her.

“Is this what you wanted?” I probed.

A faint smile faded from her face, “No one my age wants this. I guess I wanted to act grown and now I have to deal with the consequences.”


Her last words made me think, we’re both in the same boat. We’re both teen mothers, except one of us has chosen to put ourselves in this position. I didn’t ask to be a mom, but this girl who is clearly younger than me is ok with it? I was still in my thoughts as Bentley walked over to join us. We all chatted away, until it was time for Candy to go home. I could tell Bentley really liked this girl, but could he handle dating a girl with a baby? Could anyone handle dating me now that I had Daniel?

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Generation 1- Chapter 10


“Hello my little grandbaby! Grandpa loves you! Oh, won’t you come out to say hello?” As usual Charles was talking and cooing at his eldest daughter’s tummy. He couldn’t believe she was already 9 months pregnant.

“Dad, do you think…do you think I’m going to be a good mom?”

“Maddie, why would you ask that? Have you forgotten that you practically raised Bent and Aubree when your mother and I went…”

“Yea I know,” Madison said, stopping her dad from reliving a past she didn’t want to remember. “I’m just scared that I won’t know what to do when it cries or gets sick?”

Charles held his daughter’s hand, “Mad, you do exactly what me and your mother did…you freak out and then call your parents. We’ll always be here for you.” He smiled and kissed her on the cheek. “Anyways don’t you have your final appointment today before the baby is born?”

“Yea, it’s in a couple hours, but I’m going to meet with Shellie Adkins first.”

“Well baby that’s great! I’m sure you two will have a lot to talk about. Since you can’t drive anymore, I’ll have the driver take you wherever you need to go.”



Shortly after Madison was with Shellie Adkins, another one of Victor’s victims, at a local bistro.

“Aren’t you that famous guy’s daughter? The magician guy?” Shellie said, her electric yellow eyes almost piercing through Madison.

“Yea, Charles Mason is my father,” she chuckled. “I’m surprised you know about him!”

It was Shellie’s turn to chuckle, “I’ve seen a couple of his late night shows. He’s pretty decent..and cute”

Madison blushed, “Late night shows? How were you able to sneak out to see them?!? I wasn’t even allowed to see them!”

Shellie thought hard before speaking, “Look Madison, there’s something you should know about me. I’m a…I’m actually a….a vampire.”

This revelation didn’t phase Madison much. She was in love with Edward Cullen and he seemed pretty cool. She was confused about one thing however. “If you’re a vampire, why didn’t you fight back? You could have killed Victor!”


Shellie grimaced, “I could have ripped him to shreds, I should have, but he attacked me from behind and used a paralytic of some sort. My powers were useless after that. Us vampires are not meant to feel any emotion, but that night I felt something…embarrassment and a strong hatred for him. And now an innocent baby is gonna to be brought into this cold world…a world it didn’t ask to be brought into.”

“Do you know what you’re having?” Madison asked.

“No, because of my…circumstances, I can’t exactly go to the doctor and find out. I don’t even know when I’m due, but I know one thing- this baby is coming soon. I’m not a doctor but it’s been almost 10 months since the attack. Do you know what you’re having?”

Madison shook her head, “Nope not a clue, but I kinda like the suspense of it all. At first, I didn’t want anything to do with this baby but now, I dunno, I’m kinda warming up to the whole thing.”

Shellie smiled, “well I’m really happy for you. I’m trying to feel some type of emotion, but I don’t feel anything. I just hope I’m capable of loving it.”

Madison smiled and got up from the table, “Shellie, trust me, if you don’t feel anything now, you will when you see your child for the first time! Those feelings will develop, I just know it!” With that, she said goodbye to Shellie and made her way over to the hospital for her final prenatal appointment.


Lanya met Madison at the hospital. She was adamant about being at each appointment to make sure the baby was “ok.” Secretly, she just loved seeing her little grandbaby growing from the inside. She was sure she saw some of her features in the baby, but there would be no telling until the baby was born.


Soon enough a doctor entered the examination room, “Hello Mason family! I’m Dr. Barajas and I’m a resident OB/GYN here. I’ll be replacing Dr. Cuoco.”

“Where is Dr. Cuco,” Lanya said, starting to panic.

“Oh, she actually gave birth a few days ago…a beautiful baby girl!” Dr. Barajas beamed.

“I didn’t even know she was pregnant,” Madison smirked. Imagine that…

“She probably wasn’t showing much the last time you were here,” Dr. Barajas replied. “Believe it or not, there are actually 4 pregnant doctors at this hospital alone!”

How lovely…Madison thought to herself.


Screenshot-49 The examination was going as routine until all of a sudden the monitor charting the baby’s heartbeat started beeping wildly. “What’s going on?” Madison said alarmed.

“Ms. Mason, I need you to calm down if possible. The baby seems to be in some sort of distress. Usually this could be due to stress from the mother, or more than likely because they want to come out. After checking your cervix, I think it’s safe to say….this baby will be here by tonight.”

“TONIGHT?!?!” Madison screamed. “But I’m not ready to be a mom yet. I thought I would have a month to get ready. This is fair!” Big tears started to fall from her eyes.

Lanya rushed to her side, “Sweetie, don’t worry you’ll be fine. I promise.”

Dr. Barajas pushed a tray beside the bed, “Alright, well I’ll get an epidural started and I’ll also be giving you a medicine that will encourage labor in order to get the little tyke out sooner.”

“Sweetie, I’ll call your father,” Lanya said running out the door. She couldn’t believe this was happening.


By the time Charles got to the hospital, Madison was in active labor. "Dad!” Madison gasped as he ran over to her bed.

“Honey, how are you? How’s the pain? Doc, are you giving her something for the pain?” he rambled.

Dr. Barajas walked over and said, “Yes, Mr. Mason. Madison is being given top of the line treatment. In fact she seems pretty close to delivering. If you would just excuse me to check her dilation again.” Charles moved beside Lanya as the doctor motioned for Madison to move towards the edge of the bed.


Madison winced in pain as the doctor was checking her cervix. Her parents winced as if feeling the same pain. The doctor simply said, “Oh dear.”

“Oh dear?” Charles, Lanya and Madison echoed.

'”Yes, Madison you are completely dilated and well, the baby’s head is crowning. That means, a couple good pushes and the baby will be here in no time!”

Her parents sighed anxiously as they watched the doctor gear up for the delivery. Dr. Barajas positioned herself and said the simple command, “Push”. Madison pushed, then pushed again and then pushed again. She pushed consistently for 10 minutes, although it felt like hours. She wondered how many times she would have to push before her baby would finally enter the world….

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Generation 1- Chapter 9


After Madison dropped the bomb that night at dinner, everyone tried to create some normalcy in a world that seemed to be continuously turned around. Lanya was able to finally finish a book entitled “The Seer.” However, it wasn’t popular enough to get on the bestseller list. That didn’t stop her from writing another book!


Charles took up yoga. Ever since finding out about Madison’s pregnancy, he had been having nightmares about finding Victor Chasm and murdering him in cold blood, so a friend (his former sponsor) suggested doing yoga to release the negative energy.



“We just don’t know what to do Lorie! That creep got our daughter pregnant! How are we supposed to deal with that, huh? How is Maddie going to deal with that? SHE’S TOO YOUNG!” Lanya sobbed to their daughter’s lawyer, one night over dinner.

“Don’t worry Lanya, we will put this guy to justice. The good news is, we’ve at least had a sighting of him in Starlight Shores. So we know he’s on the move; it ‘s just a matter of tracking him down. Once we do that, we’ll be able to prep Madison for trial,” Lorie said reassuringly.

Lanya overcome with grief, got up and busied herself with putting their dirty dishes in the sink. “Here let me help you,” Lorie said getting up with her plate.


“Hey, Lanya, really don’t worry. I know this is probably easier said than done, but I will be here with you and your family every step of the way. Another one of Chasm’s victims, Shellie I believe is her name, was also found to be pregnant. I think it could be a good idea for her and Madison to meet up. Maybe they could support each other, what do you think?”

Lanya thought for a second, “Well Maddie could use all the support she could get right now, so maybe it could be a good idea. We’ll have to have her over for dinner one day.”

Lorie smiled, “Sounds good! And Lanya, I will get this guy and he will pay for what he’s doing to your family—even if I have to hunt him down myself.”



The next morning while Lanya was fixing breakfast, Madison stalked in looking sad. “Good morning sweetie!” Lanya smiled, “Why so glum? Not craving French Toast this morning?”

“Mom, I just can’t do this! I’ve gained 2 more pounds this week. I can’t fit any of my clothes. In fact the only thing I look good in are tights. I just want my body back! I didn’t ask for this!” Madison said, her eyes tearing up.

Lanya wiped her hands off and pulled her daughter in a hug, “Sweetheart, nobody would have asked for your life to be like this. But, for some unknown reason, these things happen. I can’t explain it away, but I will always be here for you, ok?”

Madison nodded while still holding her mom, “Mom, will I ever be a normal teen again? I don’t know if I’m ready for a kid. None of my friends have babies, I’ll be the first one. It’s like I’m all alone.”

Suddenly Lanya remember Shellie, Victor’s other victim, “Maddie, I completely forgot! One of Victor’s victims, Shellie, is also pregnant! I’m not sure how far along she is, but she is also a teenager. Me and your father think it would be a good idea for you two to meet, but only if you’re up to it.”

“Mom, I think that’s a great idea! It would be great to be able to talk to someone who actually knows what I’m going through!” Madison smiled. Inside, however, she wasn’t sure she was ready to bond with another girl over unwanted circumstances.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Generation 1- Chapter 8


Following the attack, Lanya and Charles decided it would be better for Madison if she was homeschooled for a bit. After a month of homeschooling, Madison couldn’t stand being at home so she convinced her parents to let her go back to school. Going back to school proved difficult at first, with everyone gawking at her and whispering, clearly having read the newspapers or watched the coverage on TV.


Ever since the night of the attack, Lanya and Charles would meet with Madison’s lawyer, Lorie Roberts, to discuss the case against Victor Chasm. Victor disappeared the night of the attack but, because of all the media attention the case was getting, 4 more girls came forward admitting they were attacked by him as well. It was a frenzy and Madison simply said she wanted nothing to do with it, so her parents did everything they could legally do on her behalf.


Ever since that day, Madison took more of an interest in cooking. It started as being her distraction from thinking about that night, but slowly it became a part of her daily routine. She would invent new recipes for the family to enjoy. And boy did they enjoy! Everyone in the family gained a few pounds since Madison took over the kitchen.

Screenshot-76 One night while the family was eating another one of her creations, Madison all of a sudden jumped out of her chair and grabbed her stomach, moaning loudly. “I knew you were trying to kill us Mads! Your plan backfired didn’t!” Aubree teased.

“I’m gonna…I’m gonna…” Madison cringed and ran off to the bathroom. When she finally made it back, the entire family was staring at her.

“Honey, how much cheese did you put in this casserole? You know you’re lactose intolerant!” said Charles.

“No, baby, I think this might be that flu that’s be going around,” Lanya chimed in. “A couple of my friends have gotten it too. But, Maddie, you’ve been vomiting for more than a week now! Maybe we should go to the hospital, just to make sure you haven’t caught a serious virus. We’ll go tomorrow, ok? I’ll call the school in the morning to let them know you won’t be coming.”

Madison just nodded. She was actually petrified of hospitals, but in exchange for a day off school she was willing to go.


Meanwhile, Charles aged into an elder! He decided ahead of time that, considering all that had happened recently, he wouldn’t make a big deal about his birthday.


Becoming a senior made Charles realize he was tired of being in the limelight. He decided retiring for good would be the best thing for himself and his family.



The next morning Lanya and Madison went to the hospital. Madison was dreading it the whole night, especially because she knew she would have to bring up being raped and she didn’t want to have to talk about that anymore. As they sat impatiently in the waiting room, Madison tried to calm herself with reassuring thoughts. Get it together Mad, they’re just going to give you a prescription and send you home…no biggie, right? Right?

“Madison!” Lanya tapped her on the arm. Madison snapped out of it and noticed her mom and a woman staring at her. “The doctor is ready for you sweetie.”

"Hi Madison! I’m Dr. Cuoco,” a blonde woman said smiling. “Would you mind coming to the back with me please? Mom, don’t worry we’ll be done in about 20 mins. Feel free to help yourself to some coffee in the lounge.”

Madison looked over at her mom. Lanya got up and hugged her reassuringly before turning her back towards the doctor. Madison took a deep breath and followed the smiling doctor to an awaiting room.



An hour and several tests later, the doctor finally had an answer for Madison…and it was not what she wanted to hear. “Don’t worry Madison, I’ll give you some medicine for the vomiting and try drinking some oregano tea for the cough! I’ve heard it’s very effective. Come back in a few weeks and we’ll see how you’re doing ok?,” Dr. Cuoco said smiling. Madison got up in a daze and walked back to her anxious looking mother. “Well Mads, what did she say? Was it the flu?”

Madison started for the door, “Mom, I just want to go home.” Lanya had no choice but to follow her, knowing she would open up in time.


Later that night, the family sat together eating dinner. The room was silent, not one person speaking. Bentley couldn’t stand the lack of noise, “So Mads, what mutant disease do you have huh? Is it contagious?”

Madison looked at her plate and slowly said, “No…it’s not…contagious.”

“Well sweetie, you never did tell me what Dr. Cuoco said, but I’m assuming with the oregano tea, it must be some kind of cold right?” Lanya said.

“Ummm…kinda…not really. I don’t know,” Madison sighed.

“Well Mad, spit it out already! What exactly do you have?” Charles chuckled.

Still looking at her plate, though now slightly trembling, Madison barely whispered, “I’m…pregnant.”